Dear Supplier Partner,

Dear Supplier Partners,
We’ve been training suppliers for more than a decade now. We’ve watched the market change and are tired of what we’re seeing more and more of – suppliers repeatedly being taken advantage of by other companies and so-called experts selling low-quality, high-dollar training that offers little to no benefit to them. And it’s about time we did something about it.

We have decided to pursue a grass roots effort that creates a level playing field and an environment where we welcome all suppliers to educate themselves, collaborate with others, and build their businesses for the greater good of their organizations, their competitors, and their retailers.

Starting this month our experienced subject-matter experts will no longer offer fee-based training programs. Instead, we will embrace EDLC like never before. We will introduce an open-source supplier training model that enables us to share our expertise and top-quality supplier-training courses with you for free. Rapid Training Solutions (RTS) will become a virtual Retail Link User Group (RLUG.)

By removing the training cost barrier and adding the tools of technology to the mix, we will be able to expand our reach and work to achieve what we’ve wanted most for the Walmart and Sam’s Club supplier communities since we opened our doors in 2006 – to help you bring quality products to the marketplace while saving you money and giving you unlimited opportunities to be better suppliers.


A Retail Link® USER GROUP (RLUG) is a group of people who gather to share common problems and experiences associated with Walmart/Sam’s club business.

We strive to provide opportunities for Supplier partners to connect with and support each other with practical insights that can only come from firsthand experience.

Our goal is to deliver programs that contribute to the personal and professional development of our community, meeting their needs at the right time in the right way.

FACT: There are 150,000+ RL Users Globally.
Users cover all areas of CPG operations, including production, packaging, merchandising, marketing, logistics, analytics, consumer insights, category analysis, product development, accounting, compliance, sales and much more…

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