Dear Supplier Partner,

When you were in school, which teacher did you learn the best from: the boring one that didn’t seem very confident in what he or she knew? Or was it the teacher who was an expert in the subject and still managed to make it interesting?

At Rapid Training Solutions, we believe that the most effective supplier training meets several criteria:

  • The supplier training sessions are taught by people who have extensive personal experience in working for or with Walmart and Sam’s Club. In other words, they know what they’re talking about.
  • The supplier training classes are designed to address real-life questions from suppliers from all industries and all experience levels. This means that even the most seasoned supplier or the newly hired associate can gain something from the classes.
  • The supplier training sessions are made affordable to further increase the supplier’s return on investment. We firmly believe that the most expensive employee is the untrained employee, but we also believe in making that training reasonably priced.
  • The supplier training sessions are designed to get suppliers on board quickly and effectively; no long-term (time-consuming) classes are necessary.

Participating in the many available supplier training sessions offered through Rapid Training Solutions means you will have the most cost-effective training available for any Walmart Stores Inc. and Sam’s Club vendor. Whether you’re joining us at one of our week-long training sessions throughout the United States or participating in a virtual supplier training class, you or your employee will find the most updated information regarding supply chains, inventory management, Retail Link and more. You can’t afford to do business with Walmart or Sam’s Club and not have this training. We are that confident in the return on your investment.

Free Follow-Up

All courses include free follow-up service to assist the participant as they apply their new skills.

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